We will be exhibiting with BEARSPACE London in a small space at the House & Gardens Festival at Olympia on June 19-23rd. I have some tickets available for this but they are very limited. So, if you want to go, please email me Its an enormous exhibitions with a lot going on and I think it will be a fabulous day out.

THE GALLERY: Its taking ages. Its architects and contractors and the council. It will all get sorted but it takes forever. Once it actually gets shovel to ground I think it will happen pretty quickly.
I am looking forward to being part of the growing scene that is happening on Brockley Rise, se23. There is a new and very good Italian restaurant, PizzArte with good wine and good food. The Cafe 41 is sill going strong and is probably the forerunner is creating the new buzz in the area.
You may have noticed that my part of the street is getting a total makeover. In a year it will all look new and wonderful and there will be a lot of new flats that will have new people that will need pizza, art, wine, coffee and beer. There are 4 going up at 21 and already 2 new flats at 21 and i will be building 2 with one for sale.

All very exciting. Will write updates as they happen.

All the best for now,