March 18th, 2016

What a fantastic Affordable Art Fair we had at Battersea last week.  It was held in the new building..which is a huge pre-fab that houses bars, restaurants and a large amount of stands for the galleries exhibiting.  It looks better, the old one was starting to look a bit "used".  So a good start in our new space which is L6.  We were directly on the other side of where we were last year, A6 and it did not seem to make any difference.  Everyone found us and we had great sales from existing and new clients.   Our new artist, Harriet Hoult, sold out.  Claudia de Vilafames sold 7 of her amazing oil paintings and everyone else sold well including Dan Hillier of course.  

We are looking forward to our next fair...AFFORDABLE ART FAIR, HAMPSTEAD IN JUNE.  Watch this space for free ticket announcements or get on our mailing list.  We send out the offer for free tickets to everyone on our list.   

MAVERICK FESTIVAL in Suffolk is coming up quickly in July.  Tickets are on sale, go to our LINKS page to get on the site.  Buy your tickets early and get the free CD of last year's highlights.  Jon Langford will not only be showing his work at Maverick, he will also be performing on Friday and Saturday evening.