Rufus Knight-Webb /  notes on curve paintings: Around 1997, I began painting a series of artworks presented as simplified curves, with airbrushed shadows and gradients. These paintings followed a premise that seduction and beauty were not simply in the eye of the beholder, but feelings inspired by specific visual associations. My plan was to extract the ingredients of seduction and present them on canvas. There were two initial parts to this project; Understanding and isolating the visual ingredients, and then working out a way of presenting them clearly.

Over the years this style has changed very little. Occasionally I have made the imagery more complex, introducing shadows and intersecting forms. Mostly I have preferred simplicity in the end.

I was never cut out to be a figure painter, being more inclined to imaginative painting than objective painting. Through making these curved airbrush works, I discovered an approach to painting, which allowed me to express my underlying passion for the female body in a quiet, almost secretive way.