Kimon Eliopoulos was born in Sparta Greece 1922 and died in Athens in 2011.
He was an artist, graphic designer, photographer, and theatre set designer. He was Honorary president of Greek Graphic Designers.
We are honored to be exhibiting some of his graphic work on our site. These "Jumelages" are limited edition, large prints on paper, each measuring 98cm x 70cm and can be hung either as portrait of landscape.

Jumelages = Combinations and Exploration in black and white.

“I use them when I design a logo, when I design packaging or a leaflet. (These elements ) They are
very familiar to me. As familiar as the letters of the alphabet are for the writer. It has been many years since I began to observe the relationship of the lines and shapes (forms), depending on the way they have been placed in space, their distance from the latter or the following. The top to the bottom of the shape, their interactions. I have observed what happens if we repeat them , if their position is changed, if they are turned around or simply turned over. I saw then the unexpected genesis of endless variations of other shapes more intricate, more complex. New shapes appeared, that surround or are surrounded by imaginary flowers, decorative elements of every kind.” Kimon Eliopoulo