Laurence Wallace produced a large number of watercolour paintings on paper between 1973 and 1985. After this he took a long break from painting.  He has now started painting again and the new work is now available to see and purchase.  For this reason all  work is dated on this page.  Laurence is exclusive to ArtDog London.  We have more of Laurence's work, both old and new to see.  Please contact us if you would like to see other images.  

1972-75 Middlesex Polytechnic. B.A. Hons Graphic Design
1975-78 Royal College of Art. M.A. Illustration.

“All my paintings are derived from observational drawings. Any decorative elements are stripped away to create an atmospheric theatrical picture. I often use multiple light sources and twist the perspective to give an intensity to the painting. I don’t use the human figure as that can often give a sociological slant to the environment which I don’t want. I try to create an absent presence within the work.   The Still-Life paintings are painted directly from compositions I set up, painting these objects in both natural and artificial light.   Both the above approaches inform each other, and there are often many cross-overs where objects from one painting will appear in another”.