The two simple elements of shape and colour form the basis for all my work. They provide an endless source of fascination and means of self expression. For the past few years I have concentrated on creating imaginary landscapes using a variety of fluid paints and mediums with the act of pouring playing a vital part in describing a once thriving force.

I find myself constantly challenged and delighted by its independent qualities that can only be controlled to a point, after that, it must be allowed to find its own level. When dried, the organic flow is arrested forever resulting in a unique creation – a collision of perfection and imperfection as in Nature itself.

My latest body of work, Love Circus, explores an altogether different, but equally complex terrain, that of the human heart. Here, I am able to express the emotions more precisely through the blending of colours combined with layers of poured paint: thereby creating a more deliberate and often disturbing tension to the subject.

BA. Fine Art (Painting)  Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton 2008 – 2011