The tradition of portraiture forms the basis of my practice, allowing me to explore themes surrounding female identity, iconisation and mortality. The notion of ‘Beauty’ helps frame existential questions of perfection or completion, and the impossibility connected with these. My work explores what iconized images of ourselves and others come to represent in contemporary society, and how they shape our self-image and sense of identity.

We live in a world in which self-mythologization and the creation of iconized versions of ourselves have become part of everyday experience through increased use of social media. Adding to this we are surrounded by commercial images of feminine youth and beauty that simultaneously enchant and terrorise the women who encounter them on a daily basis. Historically, images have always held incredible power over us, appearing incorruptible, holding out the promise of permanence and continuity in the face of an otherwise transient and fragmentary existence. Iconised images of our selves can go even further and directly shape our self-image; coming to represent an almost truer, more real version of our selves than our ever changing physical bodies are able to.