Like a lot of kids who grew up in the seventies, I took my first creative cues from comic books and Star Wars: worlds of inventive fantasy. Unlike a lot of kids, I grew up down the street from the Vegas strip. It’s neon and glitz seeped into everything; its glow pierced the night sky from my backyard. My dad and a lot of his friends worked in the industry. They were waiters, bartenders, cocktail waitresses and blackjack dealers. He would come home from work and tell me about the big stars and mafia bosses he had waited on at the Dunes Hotel’s at the Sultan’s Table, a high-end restaurant that catered to high rollers such as Frank Sinatra Gregory Peck and Gene Hackman. 

I have always tried to keep the spontaneous energy and an honest approach in my work. I believe in trusting what happens when I put pencil or ink or paint to paper. I believe in taking chances and using my strengths to build a strong visual vocabulary. Recently, I have been really enjoying creating quick and bold collage and mixed media work and I enjoy the energy and direct hands on approach to working this way.