Jon Langford has been a constant fixture on the fringes of the music industry and art world for the last three decades, irons in the fire, plates in the air, occasionally, accidentally in tune with current fads and phases but happier charting his own contrary course through the choppy waters of popular culture.The Welsh born artist and musician, who relocated to Chicago in 1992, has a degree in fine art from the University of Leeds where in great British art school tradition he downed brushes to co-found that seminal punk rock band, The Mekons in 1977.

Chicago honky-tonk militants The Waco Brothers and a multitude of other job-descriptions that include, cartoonist, raconteur, political activist, low-rent record mogul, soccer Dad and co-host of a revolutionary free-form radio show called The Eclectic Company on 93 WXRT, Chicago’s Finest Rock!